Board of Directors

Andy Huang, Board Member
Andy Huang retired from an engineering career that included a diversion into university academics. He remains active as an engineering consultant.  He holds degrees from Princeton University and Brandeis.  
John Inman, Recording Clerk
John has five years of experience in the environmental science industry. His skill set includes environmental modeling, GIS analysis, streamflow, and water quality monitoring, wetland delineations, and plant and wildlife surveys.  John and his family have had close ties with Woolman for close to a decade.  
Beth McCleary, Board Member
Beth McCleary started attending Friends Meeting and taught at a Maryland Friends high school in 1994. She was first an attender, then a member of Reno Meeting since 2000 and started attending quarterly meetings at Woolman in 2005 with her two kids. She owns and runs her farm/ranch on the eastern front of the Sierra in Washoe Valley, Nevada.  Beth joined the CPFEA board in 2013.
Dan Shoemaker, Board Member
Dan Shoemaker brings with him to the board more than twenty years of experience in higher education, and a passion for values-driven institutions. Dan holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s degree in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University, and a BA in Communications and Media Arts from Antioch College. Dan is also a 1990 alumnus of the Scholar Intern Program at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, in Atlanta, where he studied the history of the Civil Rights movement and Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence.
Sarah Tyrrell, Treasurer
Sarah graduated from John Woolman School in 1978.  She has been active on the CPFEA board for many years, and is a dedicated and ardent supporter of all things Woolman! Sarah is a Release Engineer, currently working with Cisco Corporation.  
Megan Whitmarsh, Board Member
Megan is an artist based in the Los Angeles area.  She has an MFA from the University of New Orleans.  Megan began visiting Woolman in 2000 when her mother, Dorothy Henderson, joined the staff, and her daughters now carry on the love for Woolman through summer camp.