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What Are Camperships?

We believe that cost should never be a deterrent for youth to attend summer camp. Our Camperships help families who need financial assistance pay camp tuition. We award families discounts in the amount of 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% based on the families’s household size and income and any extenuating circumstance that prevent them from being able to pay the full cost of camp.

Who Receives Camperships?

On average, Camp Woolman has been able to award 20 families camperships each summer, amounting to $20,000 a year. There are a variety of reasons a family chooses to apply for a campership. Many of these families simply cannot afford to send their children to week long experiences such as camp. In short, here are some other circumstances that have brought families to the Camp Woolman Campership Fund:

  • Families who lost their homes in the Paradise 2019 Camp Fire
  • Campers who are in foster care or group homes
  • Families who have been in and out of homelessness
  • Campers who have lost one or two of their parents and are living with extended family
  • Teachers and Social Workers who register their students in hopes that they get to experience time away from their current homelife and situations
  • Families who foster and adopt many children, making it difficult for them to pay for all of their children’s extracurriculars


How to Donate

Online Contributions:

The following link will redirect you to our overall Sierra Friends Center Donation page - Please make sure to specify that you want to donate to “Camperships for Youth”!! When you fill out the online form, chose the “Camperships for Youth” options in the “Category” section. Click Here to Make An Online Donation


All checks can be made out to Sierra Friends Center. Please specify that the donation is for the “Campership Fund”. Checks can be dropped off on campus in the Main Office between 9am – 5pm, or mailed to the following address:

Amy Cooke

Att: Campership

13075 Woolman Lane

Nevada City, CA 95959

Donate Your Discount!

If you are the guardian of a camper, you have the ability to donate to our Campership Fund upon registration. We offer several $50 discounts to families, including “Early Bird,” “Refer a Friend,” “Family Discount,” and “Family Work Camp Discount.” If you donate back these $50 discounts during registration, we will match you donation so $100 is donated to the Campership Fund.

Match Donated Discounts:

Help us match the donated discounts! We are looking for individuals and business who can match the $50 discounts donated by camp families. Please email

if you are interested in being a Matcher

Work Trade:

Any individual over the age of 18 who passes a background check can apply to be a Camp Woolman Kitchen Volunteer. Being a volunteer will grant you $350 to apply to a camper’s tuition. If you do not have a particular camper in mind, we will add the $350 to the campership fund so it is applied to the tuition of a camper who needs financial assistance. More information on Work Trades

Spread the word:

If you feel unable to contribute any money at this time, but you know others who may be interested, please help us spread the word! Follow us on Facebook and share the link for this Campership Page ( far and wide. Email us to join our newsletter list you so you can receive Campership Fund campaigns.